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The Evolution Pack


Work on your goal setting and the mindset to achieve them, master your self talk and learn to control your emotions before they control you, work on your self confidence and self love and master your relationships. Use these workbooks for just fifteen minutes a day, implement the easy to use exercises and see your life change instantly.

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The Evolution Pack is a curated collection of Insite Mind’s best selling “Positive Mindset Workbook & Journals” and includes:

  • Mindset Reset
  • The ART of Positive Thinking
  • Move Your Mood
  • Love Thy Self
  • One Plus One 

What you get...

A breakdown of what is included

Mindet Reset

Focus on your goals and the mindset to achieve them. Reset yourself on the path you would like to take your life on.

The ART of Positive Thinking

Master your self talk as you develop a positive mindset by learning how to use that voice in your head for good!

Move Your Mood

Move Your Mood is the emotional bible. It helps you to understand your emotions, to manage them and to express them in a positive way!

Love Thy Self

This journal will give you the tools to be self confident and assertive and help you to put yourself first, without feeling the guilt. A powerful tool for those who need to come back to who they are.

The ART of Positive Thinking

Learn how to take control of your emotions, build your confidence and communicate effectively. This workbook is eye opening and will help you in more ways that you can imagine!


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